Prospective Students

Volunteer Lab Members

Volunteers are always welcome to contact Dr. Garland about potential opportunities to gain research experience in the Sleep, Health, & Wellness Lab. In order to have a successful learning experience, volunteers should be prepared to commit to volunteering at least 4-6 hours per week for at least one academic year.

To apply, please email Dr. Garland ( with your current resume, cover letter, a copy of your transcripts, and the completed the lab application form.

Honours Student Information

Honours students are accepted beginning in the Fall term only. If you are a psychology major and you're interested in doing an honours thesis and conducting research in the Sleep, Health, & Wellness Lab, please email Dr. Garland with your current resume, cover letter, a copy of your transcripts, and the completed lab application form. The deadline for applications is March 15 each year. All applications will be reviewed and a selected number of applicants will be offered interviews. Dr. Garland only typically accepts 1-2 honours students per year.

Graduate Student Information

The Sleep, Health, & Wellness Lab is accepting applications for graduate studies for the MSc, PsyD, and the PhD programs at Memorial University of Newfoundland. Incoming graduate students are selected according to their undergraduate/graduate grades, interpersonal and communication skills, potential for scholarship, and work ethic.

Expectations of Gradate Students

Conducting research with clinical populations can be very rewarding and a lot of fun! It is also very time consuming and often requires working long hours year round, including evenings and weekends. Graduate students should expect to adjust their workload according to the demands of their research.

Dr. Garland firmly believes in the scholar-practitioner model and places a high priority on knowledge generation, translation, and dissemination. Being a skilled clinician requires the ability to synthesize and evaluate the quality of psychological research. Graduate students are expected to publish their research findings in peer-reviewed journals and present their research findings at local, national and/or international conferences.

Graduate students are expected to assist fellow graduate students and undergraduate students supervised by Dr. Garland in their research projects.

Lab Application Form

Sleep, Health, and Wellness Lab Application Form (doc)